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Phrase or word that defines you.


Who is Adriana?

I was born on a Thursday March 12 in the city of Tijuana in 1973.

She is the daughter of Dr. Antonio Millanés and Mrs. Zuri Saddai Salas.

Under the sign of Pisces, with which I identify 100 percent, why do I say that?

Why am I dreamy and idealistic and swim against the tide!

I was very restless as a child, I was always involved in school activities in artistic matters, but also in speech contests and everything that had to do with memory, to date it has not failed me.

I had a very nice childhood thanks to my mom who brought me in all the extracurricular activities: Karate, Painting, Ballet, Tap, Hawaiian, Piano, Skating (she did not go out on Saturdays on the silver skates)

Summer camps and that made personal relationships easier for me and made me very friendly.

My favorite times to date Halloween and the holidays.

(fully contrasts)

I love to cook Christmas dinners and that my house is decorated to receive my family and friends, I really enjoy it.

Favorite hobby?

The Theater and Cinema

Favorite book?

Eve Eisler's Vagina Monologues

And The Night of Tlatelolco by Elena Poniatowska.

Life motto.

It's easier to give what I have than to give what I am

(Services and trajectory)

I am a Dental Surgeon from UABC, a career that I love and practice for more than 30 years. Love that I inherit from my father and honor every day, I believe it is a very noble career and it allows me to help many people to change their lives.

I studied a diploma in Forensic Dentistry in Cuba, thinking that I would dedicate myself to practicing it here in Mexico, but it was not what I had in mind, so I dedicate myself to oral surgery, which I am passionate about.

Circumstances and friends led me to get involved in the field of voice overs and take a diploma in radio media and from there I was invited to the radio where I am together with my Teacher and Friend on the Tocadiscos program, where we talk about music from the 70's and 80's mainly.

Tell us how it was to study for Lawyer and Dentist?

He founded the AC Manos Interlazadas more than 15 years ago, where we provide psychological and legal care to victims of sexual abuse and violence against women.

We give talks, workshops, in preschools, elementary, middle and high schools.

As well as training in different public and private agencies, to multiply prevention and encourage them not to remain silent and denounce the aggressor for any type of violence.

Help identify the types of sexual abuse, as well as physical and we do it for free.

That is the reason why I decided to study my second career, Law,

to defend and advise victims of ASI and Violence against Women exclusively.

I started the Master's Degree in Criminal Law and Criminology, I am in the 6th semester, but the pandemic made me suspend it for the time being, since the opportunity arose to contend for mayor of Tijuana in the last elections, as a citizen candidate for the Citizen Movement and required the 100% of my time and dedication.

How do you combine your work, family time and all the activities you do?

I have a family that supports me and gets involved in my activities and that makes it much easier for me to organize myself to fulfill all my projects, without obviously neglecting my role as a mother.

I have two wonderful daughters who have instilled in me that it is not necessary for a tragedy or illness to happen to you to help people, I respect people who decide to do so, but I believe that we all have a mission in life and I found mine, prevent children from being possible victims, after knowing a home where children had been abused and that made me change my life and my plans and contribute my time and my passion to achieve it, a year we see approximately 3000 school children public and private leading the talks.

And with women I found a different way of doing it through art and culture such as theater, with the Work of the Vagina Monologues, where many women were involved in carrying the message of not being silent about denouncing and all being Sororas with other women.

We raise our voices for those who have been silent, those who have disappeared or those who have been beaten, even for those who are no longer with us.

Coming soon Projects?

There are many projects, but I don't like to talk about them until they are carried out, at the moment we appear once a month at the Old Paper Warehouse with the Monologues, it is a work made by Women, with Women for men.

Many people believe that the work is exclusively for women and not on the contrary, it is to create awareness in men, of course it is a work that handles all your feelings. It amuses you, it makes you angry, it makes you sad, it makes you laugh, it makes you blush, but in the end and most importantly you know the Women!

Share with our readers, a message that can help or add, for their development as entrepreneurs or professionals.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it, the limits are set by yourself”

And if my words mentioned here serve to demonstrate that, if possible, I will have to feel useful and grateful that everything has been worth it.

Grateful to my M&Ms for letting me be

Grateful to my friends, Grateful to the people who have crossed my path for better or for worse, because they have left an apprenticeship in my life,

And of course, Grateful to ECE Magazine for letting me share a little about who Adriana Millanés is.

How do we find you on social networks?


IG/ @adrianamillanessalas

Fb/ Intertwined Hands Foundation

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