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You're invited to a “Tarde de Arte en Pacífica” (Afternoon Art in Pacifica)

The Committee of Tourism and Conventions of Tijuana (Cotuco) announced the realization of the third edition of "Tarde de Arte en Pacífica" (Afternoon Art in Pacifica), an event in which it will hold an auction of art pieces to raise resources for the benefit of the Cultural Center Santo Tomás, located in the port of Ensenada, where there will be gastronomy, good wine and music.

At a press conference, Juan Coronado Ruiz, director of Cotuco, highlighted the importance of supporting those philanthropic events that aim to promote tourism, art and culture, as is the case of the "Afternoon of Art in Pacific".

“In the Tourism and Conventions Committee we are pleased to spread the artistic and cultural work of the region, since it results in the projection of our state and in the attraction of visitors, especially to places such as the Santo Tomás Cultural Center, for which We hope that your event will be a complete success”, he expressed.

In this regard, Keiko Nishikawa, manager of Public Relations of Bodegas Santo Tomás, explained that the "Afternoon of Art in Pacifica" consists of an auction of 40 works of art in order to raise resources for the reactivation of the occupational workshops offered by the Santo Tomas Cultural Center.

He said that these workshops are offered in the Ejido Ajusco, Uruapan and Santo Tomás towns, south of Ensenada, which benefit around 200 people, with special attention to minors, through disciplines such as drawing, painting, community literature and cinema, among others.

"The objective of developing these occupational workshops in rural areas is to encourage freedom of expression and improve the living conditions of the residents of the towns," she stressed.

The artists who have supported the Santo Tomás Cultural Center, he said, are Daniel Alcalá, Enrique Ciapara, Jaime Delfín, Esther Gámez, Héctor Herrera, Estela Hussong, Alejandro Martínez Peña, Marco Miranda, Martha Palau (+), Alejandra Phelts, Ma. Evangelina Rodriguez and Miguel Angel Valra.

"The sculpture exhibition will feature unique pieces by Alfonso Arámbula and Carlos Coronado, in addition to the participation of potter Karla Patterson, while the wine sector has also joined this noble cause by offering tastings to attendees," noted Keiko Nishikawa .

The wineries participating in the event, she added, will be Bajalupano, Bodegas de Santo Tomás, Casa Magoni, Concierto Enológico, Las Nubes, Lechuza, and Ojo Azul.

Likewise, restaurants from Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe and fishing producers from the port of San Felipe will meet, such as Almatierra, Museo Cantina de Vinos, Tahona, Toba and Tomillo de San Felipe, who will offer gastronomic tastings based on fish, meat beef, lamb and pork.

For her part, Diana Rebolledo, from Pacifica at Ensenada Bay, highlighted that the event will take place next Saturday, October 8 at 1:00 p.m., at the Pacifica At Ensenada Bay real estate development.

"The price of tickets starts at 1,200 pesos, with the right to all food tastings, a Riedel glass, wine tastings, live music and participation in the art auction," she said.

Finally, she mentioned that tickets can be purchased digitally on the page For more information there are the phones: (646)173-2213, (646)173-2214 and WhatsApp (646)185-0202.

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