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Our story

ECE MAGAZINE was born by the inspiration and motivation of a community that we manage of women entrepreneurs and an Online TV program EMPRENDIENDO CON ESTEFANY.

The passion for providing valuable content to our readers becomes the main engine of each edition.

In mid-2020, with a global pandemic and historical crisis, faced with this scenario, this project was born, in order to have a space as a means of communication for entrepreneurs, where they could promote their ventures. 

We started with a community, months later as an online entrepreneurial tv program and currently adding ECE MAGAZINE as another means of communication between entrepreneurs. Without fear of success, each edition we seek to improve, with our variety of articles and entrepreneurship stories that motivate us as a reference and example of success stories.

ECE MAGAZINE seeks to position itself as one of the best magazines in Tijuana, promoting economic and business development.

reunión de negocios


We are a Tijuana digital magazine, committed to our readers and clients in bringing valuable content in each issue and promoting ventures to boost the economy and our development as entrepreneurs.


Position our magazine among the best, with digital distribution throughout the world. Delivering in each edition, QUALITY AND ADDED VALUE.

Mision y Vision





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