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Successfully completes the 100-hour program that was taught over a period of three months of learning.

Today, the academic ceremony took place at the facilities of CUT UNIVERSIDAD DE TIJUANA, where certificates were given to those selected from this comprehensive program of 100 Entrepreneurs x Tijuana, represented by its President Mtra. Laura Franco and Entrepreneurs Talita Kumi.

It is mentioned that it is the first generation that successfully concludes this program, hoping that more women will join a second generation.

During this learning period, the entrepreneurs were given a program of organizational tools for the growth of their enterprises and techniques for their human development.

Present at the presidium table were: Rector of the University of Tijuana Mtro. Jesús Ruiz Barraza, Godmother of Chio Kundis Entrepreneur generation, President of Talita Kumi Mtra. Laura Franco, Vice Rector Mtra. Yeni Marmolejo, Director of economic promotion of SEDETI Dr. Paulo Alfonso Carrillo.

We extend our congratulations to this first generation of 100 Entrepreneurs in Tijuana!

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