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Two phenomena that occurs on these December Holidays. And there not miracles! PART 1

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

There are two phenomena that occur at the end of each year, so it is very common that the autumn winter solstice with the drop in temperatures our body requires to maintain the regulation of body temperature and therefore food is a tool for this and therefore On the other hand, the unmissable celebrations from the Thanksgiving dinner that begins in November, to the Three Kings celebration at the beginning of February. But what happens when our selections are not the most nutritious and from the moment our brain, our radiance, uses and custom define it as a celebration, immediately associate it with alcoholic beverages.

The body needs to activate digestion prior to eating food and this phenomenon will raise your body temperature so do not be surprised that at this time is when we eat and eat a little more frequently throughout the day. In each celebration you can choose to choose foods and drinks with fewer empty calories, for example, did you know that the more ingredients a drink has, the higher its caloric content, alcoholic beverages and hot drinks usually have more ingredients that are hyperpalatable, generating a sensation of pleasure and comfort, as well as the foods that are very varied in these times in the form of a buffet, make your intake greater, especially in the area of ​​snacks or desserts that are usually at the beginning or end of your meals. This famous phenomenon of the Guadalupe-Reyes marathon commonly generates a considerable weight gain because the weather conditions do not allow us and above all do not motivate us to carry out physical activity, therefore those extra kilos have their reason.

Article by: Dr. Jakelin Miranda


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