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Next October we will carry out the 1st “Gene IM with Cause” Meeting to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the 92-95 Generation graduating from High School, who together have managed to be a group of talented citizens and a great contribution to society. .

This 1st Meeting seeks to create ties and strengthen relationships of friendship, brotherhood and business; this among more than 150 valuable former colleagues, who today are Great and Important Leaders and Managers in different commercial and development fields.

After two and a half decades and taking different paths both in the family and professionally, they have managed to achieve high levels of growth, maturity and professional development and today they are at the forefront of the main industries that move the region, such as the real estate industry. , construction, imports and exports, food, tourism, shows, business and professional consulting, medicine, government, sports, transformation industry, fashion and commerce among others.

The meeting will take place in the BCB Tasting Room and the attendance of most of the ex-colleagues has been confirmed, which ensures a total success and promises to be the first of many more meetings with a cause.

The organizing committee of this Meeting proposed to give it a special value and what better way to do it than supporting an important and sensitive cause for all of us; It is then that they decided to join in this opportunity to support us as a species with biodiversity, contributing in favor of animal rights and all beings that in the future will continue to be rescued from animal abuse and cruelty.

The cause that is supported by Animal Lawyers contemplates the protection of domestic animals, wildlife, food animals and in this sense they have projects that range from litigation and monitoring of animal cruelty lawsuits in which they act with animal defense lawyers, as well such as the rescue of wildlife animals such as large carnivores (tigers, lions, jaguars) that are identified as being at risk or in conditions of abuse, which are then directed to a wildlife hospital with the Invictus Foundation so that they can continue their transit to the Large Carnivore Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado. Also mention that a large part of the Animal Lawyers team is dedicated to the study of laws and regulations to achieve greater and better rights for animals, participating in more than 70 working meetings with the government per year with presence in boards of prosecutors, commissions of environment, councils, state and federal congresses, and one of its priorities is to raise awareness. They are a team with more than 11 years of experience and presence in Baja California and several states, with professionals from different areas such as lawyers, architects, designers, psychologists, all putting their skills on the table for animal rights.

For GENE IM CON CAUSA, social responsibility is important and as leaders we will join efforts to create significant changes in our region.

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