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5 tips to avoid spending all your money during Christmas shopping

Hello ECE Lovers, a pleasure to greet you. I love the Christmas season that is full of festivities, gifts and gatherings with the family, it can be difficult to manage during this season.

That is why, below, I share some Tips so that you can save on your end-of-year purchases.

Make a list of the people you plan to give something to. I recommend that you divide them into three categories: family, friends and co-workers or other social circles. Define priorities, for example, who cannot go without receiving a gift or which gifts you will spend more on.

Use coupons and discount cards. There are some cards in which an annual fee is paid in exchange for having a permanent discount in various establishments. There are Internet pages that provide an electronic coupon service, with which a product or service is purchased at a lower price than normal. Buying discounted gifts can help you stretch your budget this season.

Make your own gifts. You can bake cookies, cupcakes, make decorations for the house, bracelets, or any other craft you can think of. It is an original option that will help you save money.

Use social networks. Follow your favorite stores and brands on social networks, they often offer exclusive promotions or discounts in this way.

Pay with your credit card. If your card accumulates points or miles, using it this season is a good option. Remember to use it responsibly.

Looking for offers this season can bring you good savings that you will have available at the beginning of the following year. This will give you and your family peace of mind, to continue meeting other financial goals or the famous January slope.

Follow me for more tips at @LauraFrancoficial . Hug

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