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Body Positive or Body Acceptance

What is Body Positive?

The Body Positive is a phenomenon that tries to defend that any body is beautiful regardless of its size, shape, skin color, etc. You could say that it is about the acceptance of all types of bodies. Mention that it is important to accept ourselves as we are, with our imperfections (whatever they may be) since nobody is perfect and we don't have to hide under clothes.

Broadly speaking, it could be said that it is:

  • Acceptance of all types of bodies.

  • Be aware that perfection does not exist.

  • Promote health without being an obsession.

  • Avoid making comments that have to do with physical appearance in a derogatory manner.

  • Wearing the clothes we like without caring if they fit us well.

Why does the Body Positive arise?

It arises as a response to the high standards of beauty that are often unattainable. The fashion industry has established throughout history a series of measurements, weight, etc. that must be followed to be accepted in these industries or even in society.

What relationship does it have with psychology?

As we have mentioned, it can serve as an intervention. If we teach people that all bodies are beautiful, there will be fewer people who want to achieve perfection that, as we have said, does not exist.

In addition, it tries to promote all kinds of positive emotions and tries to develop self-esteem and self-image. It teaches us to love ourselves inside and out and also teaches us to accept our flaws.

When we have low self-esteem, we feel less than others, we can be unmotivated, we avoid doing things, we don't feel attractive, we avoid having social relationships, we are perfectionists, etc. All this makes our life not fully satisfying.

When we follow beauty standards that are far from our reach (after all, perfection does not exist) we can become frustrated and feel inferior to those standards, doing everything possible to achieve them with all the negative consequences that this entails.

In the case of Body Positive, the goal of being healthy is pursued, both physically and psychologically, regardless of weight, size, etc. Its purpose is that we are happy with our body and that we accept it as it is, always keeping in mind that perfection does not exist and that imperfection is beautiful.

If we promote this type of movement, we will be generating a realistic society where people do not have to worry about being a size 36. People will be able to be happy having the size they are and this will make us happier people and will contribute to less disorders psychological.

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