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GAME OF THRONES Brand Ambassadors.


Today I want to talk to you about a topic that is very popular but little applied in different companies, BEWARE! It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur, the size of your company is irrelevant to apply this technique that I will talk about below.

Many of us know that culturally, Mexicans are very fond of references and/or testimonials when buying, I have seen how many companies carry out customer loyalty techniques and referral programs, but what do you think they forget to execute this technique with the ambassador? most important thing they have, EXACTLY! Your collaborators or in a few words your employees.

I will leave you 5 techniques that you can start applying within your company and project, remember that you are also an ambassador of your own brand, not just your employees or team, are you ready?

1. Develop your brand identity.

In this you will need to develop corporate values, give personality to your brand, create hallmarks, so that the people who collaborate with you feel identified and transmit it to the final client.

2. Create a social benefits plan.

Encourage your team to talk about your brand, since you managed to get them to identify with it, now is the time to motivate them, remember that the brain loves challenges, take time to get to know your team to find out what motivates them.

3. Establish a dialogue with your brand ambassadors.

Evaluate your ambassadors with the greatest potential and get involved in your content, remember that Maslow said in his theory of basic needs that human beings need social affiliation, in this way you generate a sense of belonging.

4. Create an internal communication plan.

Evangelize your brand essence to your employees, tell them about your mission, vision, values, philosophy and objectives, this will make them feel part of it and want to grow with you, as well as when they feel identified they will communicate it to the external client.

5. Invest in your knowledge.

It goes without saying that the credibility of a brand is made by its work team, therefore if you want to project professionalism and that you are an innovative company, your team should reflect it, do not see training as an expense, see it as a short-term investment , since your team will be empowered.

Start one day at a time, with these techniques you will notice results with your ambassadors, this is just the beginning, we'll read later.

Article by: Karinna Sanper @karinna_sanper

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