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Do you want to know which are the rarest pets in the world?

Miniature donkey

The miniature donkey is like a large stuffed animal. With its sweet and affectionate personality, it makes a great pet for families with children. It is very intelligent and does not need excessive care. Of course, it is an animal that does not tolerate loneliness at all, so it is important to accompany it or adopt another miniature donkey so that they can be together.

Stick insect

One of the rarest pets in the world is the stick insect, whose care is very simple. This animal lives in a terrarium that must measure at least three times the length of its body. As for its diet, it eats leaves, although not from any plant. In order for the leaves to stay fresh, it is best to place them on branches in a container of water in the terrarium.

Sea urchin

The hedgehog is a small mammal of which there are 16 species. Its habits are nocturnal and it feeds basically on insects. The first and most important thing to note is that current regulations do not allow having a hedgehog in Spain as a pet. Its main defense mechanism is the spikes that cover its body. Contrary to popular belief, they are not sharp or poisonous.


One of the rarest and most exotic pets in the world is the owl. A wild animal, though practically harmless. Experts recommend not adapting it as a pet since it does not take captivity well, but even so there are those who continue to adopt owls. After the "boom" of Harry Potter, hundreds of these animals were abandoned.

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