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The Japanese studio TO-FU has been inspired by a Tumblr post for their new video. A list of 29 habits to be more creative and stay awake when it comes to creativity.

There are 29 ideas for the moments in which we find ourselves blank, we can not think of anything and stress begins to appear at the door ...

Let´s take note!

1. Make lists

We have started well ;)

You never know where a good idea can come from, but the organization will always be a faithful ally of creativity. Having everything well structured in lists can help us find what we are looking for.

2. Always carry a notebook with you

Even now that there are tablets, smartphones and computers everywhere. A notebook is used to jot down ideas, draw in the dead times, write ... and it keeps you away from the avalanche of information on the Internet.

3. Try free writing

Free writing consists of leaving the mind blank and writing automatically, without filtering or stopping the movement of the hand. In addition to being a great loosening exercise, the slow movement of writing relaxes the mind.

4. Stay away from the computer and stimulate creativity

We spend the day looking in only one direction. An illuminated square that tires our eyes and overwhelms us with an avalanche of information.

Looking away from the computer helps to find ideas

The temptation to get distracted by any trivia on the net is too great. Social networks are just a click away and diving into them we can spend hours. And we also have the urge to look for things to compare and advice from others. The best thing is to turn off the computer and take a walk, draw on paper, do physical exercise ... it will help you be more creative.

5. Stop beating yourself up

You may be blank. It may not be your best time. But you have to avoid forming a negative view of yourself. If you do, you will despise any great ideas that come to mind!

6. Take breaks

Intense work and relaxing breaks, to rest the mind. Tired people are not creative.

7. Sing in the shower

Sing, dance, spit water, make a punk crest with your soapy hair ... in the shower you are alone. Get rid of it!

8. Drink coffee

A coffee in the morning or at noon is the perfect time to recharge and stop thinking about work. It is in these moments of avoidance that an idea may arise.

9. Listen to new music

When you are blank, you have to break habits. How long has it been since you upload new music to iPod or change radio station? It's about time.

10. Be open

Skeptics, conservatives, and boring people are of no use in this profession. Networking is essential

Networking can be a great help for the exchange of ideas. Some minds wake up other minds because two heads are always better than one.

11. Surround yourself with creative people

Our environment has a huge impact on us. Get inspired by the ideas and ways of doing of others. If you are in a creative environment, you will be creative. If you are in a happy environment, you will be happy. And if you are in a depressing environment, you will be depressed.

12. Aske for feedback

Not knowing the opinion of others means going blind. Ask people for feedback. Some will be difficult to take on, but you will always learn something.

13. Collaborate to be creative

You can go crazy alone in your office. Get out there and work with others. Learn from their working methods and brainstorm with them.

14. Do not give up

You almost have it! Your great idea is right around the corner, you just have to be consistent and pursue it. It is important not to lose sight of your target.

15. Practice, practice, practice!

And then practice some more. Things are achieved with practice. Just for the satisfaction of seeing you improve, it's worth keeping trying.

16. Allow yourself to make mistakes

"Wrong, wrong again, wrong better" - Carl Sagan. From mistakes you learn above all not to commit them again.

17. Visit a new place

Getting out of the routine is always good for creativity. Knowing a new place will make you feel full of energy. If you have so much work that you can't take the weekend off ... take the car tonight and find a place where the stars can be seen.

18. Be grateful for what you have

Realize the good things you have. It will help you stay calm and, above all, the motivation to keep fighting.

19. Get plenty of rest

Inspiration is unlikely to hit you when each of your neurons has to work to keep you awake. Go to bed. The idea you are looking for could come to you in dreams ...

20. Take risks

Playing it safe you can't win that much. The disruptive, the new and the daring is what manages to surprise. Risk, in its proper measure, helps us to be more creative.

21.Break the rules

If you do the same as everyone else, how do you expect to be different? No one will notice you if you don't offer them something good, something worth taking a look at.

22. Do not force it

Don't beat yourself up, don't stress, don't exhaust yourself. She rest and relax. There is a difference between working and enslaving.

23.Read a page from the dictionary

Maybe the density of the text shocks you so much that it takes you out of your lethargy. At the very least, you will learn a new word.

24. Create a new frame of reference

Maybe you are not seeing the solution to the problem because you are too limited by the context. Change your point of view. Ask yourself each "why" and each "why not" of your project.

25. Stop trying to please other people

Forget for a moment what your client wants. Think about the way you do things. Why do you have to measure yourself by the parameters of others?

26. Do you have an idea? Write it down

If you had done this before, you probably wouldn't find yourself blank now ...

27. Tidy up your workplace

A messy and dirty work area will leave you feeling cramped and confined. Since you are blank and have nothing better to do, clear your table. You'll feel better.

28. Have fun!

If you feel guilty going out to have a good time when you have a half project stuck on your desk, have a couple of drinks. It's amazing how well alcohol works for a guilty conscience. Now seriously. Having a good time will help you disconnect. When you return to your work you will have a new energy and you will be able to see things from other points of view. Just relax. We are all humans.

29. Finish something

Take advantage of this moment of labor stagnation to finish that project that you have halfway through or do that task that you have been leaving pending. The feeling of success that comes from getting rid of something is a good motivation and a boost of self-esteem.

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