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Canaco Tijuana celebrates its 96th anniversary with the mission of addressing pending issues in the

The National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Canaco-Servytur) of Tijuana held an institutional breakfast on the occasion of its 96th founding anniversary, with the firm conviction of promoting initiatives for the benefit of the sector and of safeguarding the interests of its affiliates.

“It was on July 26, 1926 that the first chamber body was established in the city, formed by famous pioneers of private initiative of that time, and since then, we are and will continue to be fundamental actors in the economic, social and political life of the city. our virtuous Tijuana”, said Mr. Julián Palombo Saucedo, president of the chamber.

During his speech, the leader affirmed that they represent the sector with the highest conglomerate of economic units, and a key factor in the supply of essential goods and services, through around 60,000 companies of all sizes.

“They are points of sale that together contribute 52% of the Gross Domestic Product and that cover almost 50% of the workforce, generating considerable wealth in the economic machinery, plus a large amount of all kinds of taxes, being a sector of constant investment in a new and more innovative commercial infrastructure”, he pointed out.

The leader of Canaco Tijuana commented that one of the watchwords of the organization is to attend with poise to the most pressing needs of the represented business community, in order to achieve the most favorable conditions and facilities for the free exercise of their economic activities.

“Our role revolves around two main foundations: Act in an organized and unified manner, in order, together with our authorities, to help build and develop a prosperous economy for Tijuana and, on the other hand, have a worthy leadership and legitimate governing body. that it be the direct channel of communication, dialogue and management before all government entities,” he said.

Palombo Saucedo said that within the framework of the 96th anniversary of the chamber, internal business service and service processes have been transformed, introducing important innovation actions, applying information and communication technologies.

"In what corresponds to the field of government management, we work very intensely and closely with different dependencies of the three levels of government, with the aim of undertaking a broad administrative simplification and regulatory improvement in all types of business procedures," added the leader. .

In addition, he assured that close communication is maintained with the municipal authorities on core issues such as mobility, public safety, business procedures for urban development, ecology, public services, firefighters, inspection and verification, treasury, among others.

In the state and federal framework, Palombo said that there is a strong management agenda in terms of mobility, used cars, tires, second-hand items, official standards, tax burden reduction, regulatory improvement, public safety, among other matters, achieving advances and favorable resolutions, and insisting on those pending issues.

On the other hand, among the activities that were prepared in commemoration of the 96th anniversary of Canaco Tijuana, the business leader highlighted the launch of the "I Buy in Tijuana" campaign, in which as a marketing strategy July was declared Month of the Tijuana Trade.

"We will continue to fulfill the role that corresponds to us within the economic context and the social responsibility that is inherent to us, heading for a profound transformation and a new era of services for the business community, towards the Centenary of this great Chamber Organism," concluded Julián Palombo.

In the anniversary event were also the Mtra. Mónica Vega Aguirre, Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development; Federal Deputy, Héctor Irineo Mares Cossío; C.P. Erwin Areizaga, State Commissioner of Coepris; Local deputy, Evelyn Sánchez Sánchez, president of the Commission for Indigenous Affairs and Social Welfare.

Also, Mr. Jorge Alberto Menchaca Sinencio, Northwest Regional Vice President of Concanaco-Servytur; Lic. Francisco Rubio Rangel, president of the CCE Tijuana; José Fernando Sánchez González, Secretary of Security and Municipal Citizen Protection; and Colonel Juan Carlos Genchis Palacios, Commander of the National Guard Battalion in Tijuana, as well as advisers, affiliates and other personalities.

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