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In Mexico there are 64 races of corn, which give us a range of colors that includes red, black and blue tones, but the highest production corresponds to white and yellow corn.

It is the most important food in the country, as well as in many regions of the world. A sacred plant from pre-Hispanic times to our times.

Thus, for 10,000 years, corn has gone from being a genetic experiment of ancient Mexicans to one of the most widespread crops in the world and the basis of the diet of various population groups.

In addition to the inevitable tortillas, corn is also used to make syrups, sweeteners, flour and endless processed foods.


The Mexican legend tells that corn was a gift from the god Quetzalcóatl, who managed to extract a grain from the interior of a mountain. The account emphasizes that Quetzalcoatl used cunning and not force to enter the mountain and obtain the grain. The oldest vestiges date back seven millennia and were found inside a cave in Coaxcatlán, Tehuacán region, Puebla.

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