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The digital community "Entre Amigas" from Tijuana has more than 34,000 women from Baja California and San Diego was recognized by the company Facebook as one of the 131 communities with the greatest impact in the world.

The founder of “Entre Mujeres”, Erika Castillo, mentioned that it aims to create empowerment networks for women entrepreneurs who seek personal development and business growth.

“This recognition that Facebook gives us in 2021, as one of the most inspiring communities in the world, drives us to continue diversifying the group and with it, we become a more important platform for female and economic empowerment in the world. Northwest region of Mexico and Southern California, achieve a positive impact on the lives and economy of thousands of women.”

The Entre Amigas group was selected to participate in its community accelerator and with it, organize for the first time in Mexico, the Encuentro Entre Amigas, Business and Empowerment Weekend event, which will be aimed at women from the Cali-Baja region who are starting a business or who have the vision to create one.

Erika Castillo, from Tijuana, explained that the Encuentro Entre Amigas, Business and Empowerment Weekend, will be a face-to-face event on March 26 and 27, where you will be able to connect, develop and grow your entrepreneurial vision, through conferences, workshops, panels and keynotes. .

“This recognition that Facebook gives us is for all the women of the Baja California and San Diego region, who have shown that by collaborating together and with sisterhood, we can achieve true empowerment and leadership in all aspects, this award is for all women. women who reinvent themselves every day”, concluded Erika Castillo, president of the Entre Amigas community.

Without a doubt, this great movement that adds to the lives of thousands of women is admirable.

Thank you Erika Castillo for promoting change with a woman's seal.

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