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10 Fashion trends that will be everywhere.

ALL SILVER: The silver look comes in a dress version, either long, short, sequined or mesh.

THE LOOK OF TOTAL KNIT: Knitting becomes the favorite material, reinterpreting dresses, crop tops and other cardigans with this material, enough to keep you warm throughout the season.

BRILLANTINE: Many designers have made sequins the star trend of winter.

Something to definitely break with our cozy confinement dressing room.

LILAC: Along with silver, lilac is another star color of winter. It is imposed as a total look.

THE SCARF: If you had to bet on a single accessory for the season, it would undoubtedly be the scarf, delicately knotted around the neck and wrapping the face, influenced by the icons of the 50s and 60s.

THE PRINTING OF ROMBOS: No more squares and houndstooth prints, the rhombuses will be everywhere, they can be used both in black and white and in color.

SYNTHETIC LEATHER: Synthetic leather is gaining ground and finally tends to become the benchmark for fall-winter. More and more fashion houses offer their own version.

PADDED EFFECT: Forget the down jacket, the seasonal jacket is padded and sewn.

MITTEN SLEEVES: Practical and elegant, gloves are now required directly on our winter blouses.

LEOPARD COAT: Certainly leopard print is timeless. For autumn-winter it is used in moderation and is mainly reinvented in coats.

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