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The brain is the organ that differentiates us human beings from the rest of living beings, since emotions are generated there

TIJUANA.- In commemoration of World Brain Day this July 21, the neurologist at the Tijuana General Hospital (HGT), Francisco Gutiérrez Manjarrez, issued some recommendations to take care of our brain health, this in order to prevent diseases that can alter our system highly strung.

The specialist and also head of Teaching at the HGT explained that the brain is the organ in charge of being able to become aware of ourselves and the environment, know our emotions, be able to act when faced with needs and have interaction with the world, therefore, he issued some recommendations such as make changes in lifestyle: eating a balanced diet, being physically active, as well as encouraging reading and playing strategy games such as word search puzzles, which are useful for the intellectual development of the brain, since a healthy mind is equivalent to a healthy body.

In this sense, he mentioned that currently the quality of life and diet that we have have an impact on the functioning of this organ, which promotes diseases in the nervous system, the most important being cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus and obesity, which can cause irreversible damage to our brain.

In addition, he reported that the Neurology service exists in the hospital, which is the branch of Medicine that studies diseases related to the brain, where it works in an interdisciplinary manner with other specialties to provide timely care for this group of diseases. He referred that the most frequent causes of attention are the cerebral vascular event, that is, strokes and strokes, dementia, headache or intense headaches and epilepsy.

Given the above, Gutiérrez Manjarrez announced that there are already established international management protocols, of which the hospital is a part, to provide care for these conditions in accordance with current medical evidence, however, in addition to the care of these diseases, prevention is a very important factor.

Finally, he reiterated the importance of following the recommendations that contribute to increasing people's quality of life, as well as going to a routine medical check-up to prevent suffering from this type of disease.

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