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The International Balloon Festival is an icon in the city of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. It is currently positioned as one of the 3 most important worldwide.

December 1, the International Balloon Festival of León is born, managing to gather 25 hot air balloons. Here the magic began and the first experience of seeing this dream fly painting the sky of León in colors.

Thanks to the success of the first edition, in 2004 it had 40 balloons and the participation of pilots from Mexico and other countries.

"The sky will never be the same", was the motto of this edition of the FIG, held from November 30 to December 3. 80 were the reunited balloons and for the first time a massive concert was performed, the guest artist was Bobby Pulido.

The International Balloon Festival of León makes an alliance with the International Balloon Fiesta of Albuquerque, United States and with the Mondial Hot Air Balloon of France. For the first time, the FIG balloon leaves the national territory to captivate thousands of visitors in the two most important events of its kind in the world.

The National Lottery "blew up" three million 200 thousand tickets, with a top prize of 10 million pesos, commemorating the importance of the FIG for our country. Likewise, the cancellation of the Postage Stamp is carried out, by the Mexican Postal Service.

Every year they wait for thousands of people to continue making history!

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