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Adopting self-care habits help healthy aging and maintain people's well-being throughout their lives.

To achieve healthy aging and maintain well-being, it is important to carry out self-care and adopt habits that reduce the impact of multiple biological, social and cultural factors, said the general director of the Baja California State Psychiatry Institute (IPEBC), Víctor Salvador Rico Hernandez.

In this regard, the official indicated that socioeconomic, cultural, political and gender conditions influence the state of health and well-being, so that, in order to achieve self-care, people and communities must develop the capacity to be self-sufficient, empower themselves, be autonomous, promote responsibility and participation.

He mentioned that in life there are situations that cannot be changed, but that we can learn to face them in a better way, so he recommended taking self-care measures such as sleeping well and better, holding positive thoughts, trying to live in the present and having the habit of physical exercise.

"Listening to the music we like, living with gratitude, with constructive thoughts and words, and eating healthily are measures that we can put into practice and that build self-care, which is key to physical and mental well-being," he added.

Finally, Rico Hernández invited them to learn about the IPEBC services, where they can receive support with self-care actions in mental health and prevention of psychoactive substance use.

For more information, you can call the following telephone numbers: in Mexicali at (686) 842 7050, in Tijuana at (664) 684 2664, and at (646) 178 8577 in Ensenada. You can also access the Facebook profile of the Institute of Psychiatry of the State of Baja California to receive guidance.

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