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Hello, I'm Seydi, I'll tell you a little about myself, I'm a Tijuana woman by adoption, I'm 39 years old, I have 2 beautiful princes, one 20 and the other 14 years old, a 22-year-old married couple, it all started in search of a carrot bread (my husband's favorite) and a good king's cake, tired of buying cakes that were not what they promised, one day I told my family "if they eat what we buy, then now they will eat what I make" , I started trying recipes and based on trial and error I came up with the ideal recipes for me and my family, some acquaintances tried them and began to ask me and I was like "I'll do it for you but I don't know how to decorate I'll put bitumen on it but since I I can" and they said yes, I bought a duya and a sleeve and decorated them with little stars, which is the basic decoration and from there I went like a string of media buying dyes, duyas, pastry tools, I began to watch videos on YouTube of decoration with bitumen and I began to decorate, to make more types of bread, I was afraid of working with fondant but I I won and today is what I like to work with the most, the cookies that I made I did not like 100%, thanks to an excellent friend who shared her delicious recipe with me, which I thank with all my soul, today you can enjoy some delicious cookies, I fell in love with this beautiful world of confectionery, I was inclined to work totally personalized to the client's taste, since it was the main reason why I entered this beautiful world, I discovered that I am passionate about it and although it is very tiring and stressful, At the same time, it is so satisfying to see the emotion on my clients' faces when they see their cake, which I say was worth the late nights and/or getting up early. Throughout this time and I have been expanding my services, we have dessert tables, decoration for events and sweet details for special dates, all with a personalization touch.

I have been involved in this beautiful art for 5 years and 2 years dedicated to 100% Remember the limits you put on yourself!!

I appreciate the space and thanks for reading me

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