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Hello, I'm Lupita, in networks they know me as Lupis and I like it, I was a folklore dancer for more than 7 years, originally from Mazatlán Sin., the winds brought me here to Bella Tijuana 28 years ago, and well here I met me husband, I got married and I have a 17-year-old boy, a small but very close family 💖

Since primary school my entrepreneurial spirit began, I carried two backpacks in one I carried my supplies and in the other with the sale of "tortas del chavo" (ham, mayonnaise and cheese), which I sold with great success to my compañer@s, who he sold at one and two pesos, always taking care of the cooperative jijiji. I was like this with the sale until high school, which was when the nuns caught me and, well, they'll know about the report, hahaha, and that's where the sales ended.

The best thing about that first business was living with my dad because while we were talking, he was preparing the cakes and I, as a good administrator, handled the finances 🤭🤭.

I don't like making videos, speaking in public and, as you can see, I rarely appear in photographs, but if I am sociable, I am honest, I have a strong character and I always say what I think, I do love to talk, get to know my clients, know their stories is the best of my day 🙂🤗

And so was our beginning………

At the end of 2017, in collaboration with a friend, the importation of a different type of cinnamon began and we decided to make it known on this border, so from then on we started knocking on doors, putting it on wheels, sales with deliveries in various points with our cinnamon alone, people were fascinated with something they considered new.

This motivated us to look for new products for our region, little by little our portfolio of products increased, dehydrated fruits, our coffees and their derivatives (boxes, jams, bonbons, marzipan, meringues, coffee with cocoa and cranberry), macha sauce and our rich nopal churros and nopal tortillas and bring more spices turmeric, ground cinnamon. Of course, this also led to the fact that some other products were not to our liking, that is why we did not make them known.

It was later, in the year of 2018 that we were introduced to the world of entrepreneurship in (Collectives) where we have finished forging our products and it was here when we were asked for the name of our project, which was given by the same colleagues when they called me Canela , for which our project is registered:

Cinnamon Saigon By Lupita Medina❣️

Thanks to the fact that I learned to believe in myself, I have a business that reaches many homes, makes life healthier, makes families happier and every day I make more friends.

I still have a lot to learn, I have many dreams to fulfill, I am proud of myself, because thinking is easier than acting, I have achieved it!

📱 I leave you my social networks Facebook and Instagram so that you can visit us, it will be a great pleasure to serve you 🙂


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