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4 years ago I made one of the most important decisions of my life, after 22 years I resigned from the company where I worked for so long, I obtained financial freedom, it gave me great satisfaction and achievements, but it no longer fulfilled me.

And there it was!! At 43 years old, without a job and without knowing exactly where to direct my steps, but fully convinced that it was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time, I was finally in control of my life and my time again, I exchanged my financial freedom for freedom to dream and to pursue those dreams.

And so my story as an entrepreneur begins, standing somewhere in the city thinking about what to do next, I remembered my mother and the smell of some delicious sweet tortillas that she prepared for me with butter and sugar, as I was remembering I realized that I was facing a place where they sold crepes and I thought if I like that dessert that my mother prepared me so much why not dedicate myself to that (of course they weren't called crepes before). Well, without thinking much about it, I took my savings, I asked my sister to rent me a small space that she had and the real work began, preparing the place myself since the resources had to be used to equip my ice cream, coffee and crepe business.

It was 4 months of hard work, waking up until 3 or 4 in the morning painting, cleaning, arranging, in addition to taking the necessary courses to learn about the preparation of my products, I could not improvise, I had to offer the best of myself, until that the day finally came to open it to the public, full of fear and insecurity I couldn't open the door at the right time, it was my sister who opened it for me and it was a beautiful story while it lasted. In 2020 after months of resisting the crisis of the pandemic saw me in the need to close to the public that little corner of sweet flavors and pleasant aromas that cost me so much.

And there I was again at the end of the road and without financial resources, totally lost, sick with COVID and with a great depression because I felt too big to start over.

After fighting this disease for 2 months and being victorious, I realized that I was not defeated and that I had to find a way to start over and that is how KE CREPES came about! BY ISA service for events and meetings with BARRA DE CREPES, FRAPPES AND LATTES and without knowing much about networks, in May 2021 I started publishing my service and they immediately made the first contract and to this day I have been blessed.

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