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My name is Alejandra Gálvez and I represent SISUA, a young bag brand launched in August 2021, proudly from Tijuana, proudly Mexican. This brand is born from the concern that I had years ago about creating a fashion or accessories brand because at some point in my life I wanted to study fashion design, it is an incredible career that I would have liked to take, however, I decided on architecture and for several years I have developed professionally in this branch in addition to currently studying a master's degree in valuation, I like my career, it is a very noble profession in the region where I live and it has allowed me to develop professionally in a satisfactory manner, however, I did not want to put aside my taste for fashion and decided to start SISUA.

When creating SISUA I wanted it to have a meaning, one that represents me and consumers. Of course! SISU comes from a Finnish word that means determination, tenacity, perseverance, resilience and willpower; and the “A” represents the first letter of my name.

With my brand I seek to promote unique, exclusive designs of excellent quality, and national production, since they are manufactured in Mexico. At the moment I started with bags and wallets, but little by little I want to introduce more products such as clothing and accessories.

With this project I seek to develop a company that progresses and grows to provide employment opportunities, that is my next step, to set up branches in the city and promote catalog sales for those entrepreneurs, like me, who want to have an additional income. Little by little I intend for SISUA to be a prominent company in the industry at a regional level and why not national or even international, I would love to! I believe that in Mexico there is a lot of talent and opportunities for growth; we must work to highlight and promote them to the world.

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