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My name is Diana González, I have been a Cosmetologist for 7 years, when I started to study cosmetology, I had just finished my marketing career, which I never practiced, by chance I ended up working in a spa as an administrative assistant, where the world of skin care, and care of our body enveloped me, and that is how I made the decision to be a Cosmetologist, I worked 5 years in a dermatological clinic, where just in 2019 I got pregnant, my pregnancy turned out to be of high risk since it was a twin pregnancy, 2020 arrives and in March the pandemic begins, I am forced to advance my disability, in May of the same year my babies are born, my life changes, I leave everything, and at 6 months postpartum I discover that I was happy, but I also had a depression, I felt that I had stopped being a woman, that I had no opportunities and I started working at home providing cosmetology services, at 10 months of my babies, a year after birth cidos was already working in a dermatological laboratory and that's where I said noo, I'm a Cosmetologist and I have to continue doing what I like and am passionate about, I was still working at home, when in October 2021 I found a place and opened my booth.

My big dream is for that cabin to become a large spa, and a teaching and training center for more cosmetologists.

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