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My name is Alma Patricia González Soria, I am originally from Tlalnepantla, Edo. from Mexico and I am 29 years old. When I was 5 years old, my parents brought me on a vacation that apparently continues to this day. Architect by profession and passionate about savings, protection and personal finances, thanks to which I found one of my greatest passions as an Insurance Agent; I am that friend who constantly asks you "how are you doing with your savings, remember that it is important that you invest your money, what are your goals and sends you an Excel to organize your budget". When I started living alone, I had no idea what it cost to do it, I didn't prepare myself and the first month I didn't have to pay the rent; I have always considered myself a very independent woman, which is why it was quite difficult for me to ask for help, but thanks to that I promised myself not to go through the same thing again and I began to read a lot about personal finances, until one thing led to another, I said with the insurance world and adopted the banner of saving for a reason. Since I left university one of my biggest goals was to create a company where I could contribute and help society to shape the intangible, along the way I realized that I wanted to tackle two fronts, on the one hand Architecture ; specifically the Project, where the design will tell the story of the inhabitant through its textures and colors, I am a faithful believer that Architecture is the art that is inhabited and the Architect is the one who gives voice to those spaces and on the other hand the advice as Insurance Agent, with which through a first appointment, we create a "tailor-made financial suit"; we all have a dream, a goal and people we love, my job as an Insurance Agent is to guide you, accompany you and give you the tools to protect everything you love and everything you work for every day. On the other hand, I think we should have seen these issues from an early age and therefore, every time I have the opportunity I talk to younger people about the importance of saving and investing. Despite having worked on personal projects since I graduated from university, GRUPO SORI A. was officially born in June 2021, as a love letter to my mother and you will ask yourself, how can a love letter be? female figures in my family have been synonymous with strength and constant improvement, as well as excellent pragmatic administrators. Soria is my mother's first surname and a component in her signature, since the beginning of my story, mother has been my teacher, friend, companion in every step I take and I wanted, through this name, to make her participate in one of my most big dreams materialized: create my first company. At GRUPO S O R I A. we specialize in Architectural Visualization and we support other companies or clients with refresher courses in Architecture programs, renderings, virtual tours, design, drawing plans, etc. and on the other hand, the Financial-Protection Shield, where we abort issues of personal insurance, business insurance, major medical expenses, personalized advice, among others, and with this our motto "we help you plan, build and insure your dreams" is born. Each member brings their knowledge and strengths, we have created a solid team that seeks to innovate and help our clients by providing the most appropriate solutions, at GRUPO S O R I A. we are dedicated to finding how things do happen and accompanying you during the process.

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