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My name is Adela García Guzmán, my business is made up of yucatecan marquesitas and crepes los rico García, this project was born from the need to generate money because I quit my job due to a high-risk pregnancy, but I had to generate income from somewhere, so I sold my few valuable belongings, which were my laptop, a wooden wardrobe, my TV, and a bed. With that money, the first car of marquesitas and the materials that were used to start the sale to the public were made. I did this work together with my son's father and there were very good results, the first day we opened, people responded very well, I remember it was a day of sale in a on wheels and thank God we recovered the investment of the materials , this encouraged us a lot because we were a young couple who were just starting out and who had many things to do before the birth of a baby that was four months away. There was prosperity during those months and the business of the marquesitas and the crepes of the rich García covered the expenses of each trip to the doctor, of each study, of buying clothes, of buying medicines, of paying for consultations and saving for the great day of birth All male very well until the child was about a year old, the envy of the relatives did not wait to see that we were doing well as a family and many problems began, too many to the point that we had to leave our land in Veracruz to reach a distant city, different, large to a world unknown to us, but with the illusion of being together and of what we know how to work, so we started again from scratch and here in Tijuana we started selling burritos in a corner where there were factories, from there we raised money and sold tacos de adobada, later we looked for a way to go further and went door to door selling baked philadelphia cheese flan, people supported us very well we raised money to get our cart of marquesitas and crepes again and we succeeded , last year was a year in which we started again with our business of crepes and marquesitas but this time I had to work alone with my son nothing else because my partner made the decision to leave the house. It was a very difficult process because starting alone was not easy, fear, uncertainty, insecurity, hard work, doing things that two people used to do and doing it as a woman and with the responsibility of caring for a child, I took strength, I have had psychological help, I entered the university and from there I have been building many things step by step, including recovering the woman that I have always been, my business security, the mother that I bring with me, who does not matter what obstacles arise one way or another look for the exit. I am proud of what I have achieved, I have built strong foundations that I only need that little push to do something well and that my dreams come true one day and those dreams are not depending on anyone financially speaking and having the confidence to delegate to others people the work that I know how to do. When I learned about the 100 Women Entrepreneurs for Tijuana project, a great illusion awoke in me and today that I meet 100 women who have so many skills, so many dreams, strategies, so much wisdom, I feel very proud, I feel that I belong to a place, that I belong where they understand me, I am comfortable and above all the support we give each other, that feeling I am not alone, if I can't someone will help me, someone will tell me where the road is, it is only a matter of asking. Blessed is the day that all of you appeared on my path, it has its why and what for and believe me that I am squeezing you one by one in your wisdom, I admire you, I feel identified and above all you have made me do that dreamy woman again and with illusions of knowing that you can achieve each of your dreams.

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