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Fiestas Mágicas, founded on January 6, 2012 where it sought to have a different concept of entertainment, original and fun where parents would have the opportunity to enjoy the party but at the same time create that connection with their children through creative activities and so on. promote family unity.

To carry this out, 5 magic modules were created to which I called:

Magical Artist, Magical Chef, Magical Beauty, Magical Lego and Magical Nightclub each one is attended by 2 young people as facilitators of material and at the same time they help the children so that their imagination has no limits, working as a team and encouraging interaction.

As the years passed, the dream was strengthened, so that the brand would be known for its quality, service and professionalism, which have made a difference and that is how in 2013 we became a registered trademark before the Property Institute. intellectual (IMPI).

The opportunity arises to offer our services in Schools such as the Mexico Institute and Pierre Faure due to the ability to work massively, contracts are obtained with companies in the maquiladora industry, hospitals such as Angeles who entrusted us with their celebrations of the day of the child, day of the family, graduations among others and so over the years the CFE Rosarito union makes us part of its children's day event every year.

Family events were not left aside and magical parties became part of the family and childhood of many children whom I have seen grow up since I was part of their events such as graduations, birthdays, first communion, baptism, etc.

We were part of children's events with personalities from Tijuana such as former boxing champion Antonio Margarito and his wife, former captain and champion Javier Gandolfi, and former goalkeeper Cirilo Saucedo from Xolos de Tijuana.

Hand in hand with the success of magical parties, returning a little of everything good is essential for me and we were sponsors of a children's soccer team called Rayos, which we proudly saw reach its championship and win.

As an altruistic part, we participated in the Spinning Top Museum to celebrate Children's Day at different children's homes where the children lived a unique day for them.

In 2017 and 2018 we were also invited as a non-profit activity by the OCP Foundation eye prosthesis brigade for adults and children at the UABC facilities, providing a space for children's entertainment where parents and children had the opportunity to distract themselves a little while doctors attended to them in their ocular prostheses.

In this journey I am filled with great satisfaction, not only having generated employment for young people and students, but also having planted a seed of positive vision in our children to have better human beings in our society.

2020 marked a great difference in our coexistence and in our lives for all, however here I continue with a dream in the process of readjustment to the new modality that we all live.

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