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How can we avoid debt?

In Mexico, the mismanagement of personal finances is a complex problem that is due to various factors that give rise to large debts, not only due to lack of resources, but also due to lack of financial education that allows us to have an adequate management of our money.

In addition to this, at this juncture we are exposed to the ease of online shopping that, by spending more time at home and saving time on transfers, we have more time to dedicate to the online shop, generating ‘waste’ of resources.

The culture of prevention is important to both us and our employees and is based on the commitment and participation of all those who are involved in seeking well-being. Therefore, today more than ever, companies must support our workers to maintain good financial health, training them and giving them practical advice to prevent debt, with specific information on how to create a budget so that they become aware of their income and expenses, controlling them and avoiding spending more than they earn.

Currently, when developing a culture of prevention within organizations, those responsible for Human Resources increasingly incorporate specific strategies to reduce, in a comprehensive manner, all latent risks, including financial ones, that may affect physical and mental health of the collaborators.

These practices should be more and more recurrent in organizations. And it is that, although we all yearn to have good financial health; the reality is that we hardly take the necessary measures to avoid this fact, often due to lack of knowledge.

Let us bear in mind that ensuring the financial well-being of our collaborators will not only help them reduce the stress of not fulfilling their financial commitments in a timely manner, but will also be able to be more efficient with the use of our organization's resources.

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