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Elizabeth Ortiz Flores, I have a degree in Psychology and a Master's in Education and Teaching, a psychotherapist for more than 10 years, a certified teacher in Yoga for children and adults, I have taken diplomas in neurosciences, certified in neurolinguistic programming, I wrote a book where I talk about the importance of meet and break family loyalties. Most of the time I have invested in continuing to learn and train myself to support the physical, mental and emotional well-being of families, through workshops for adults, adolescents and children I have managed to provide mental health to the attendees. I am convinced that through education based on emotional intelligence, positive discipline, shared responsibility between families and teachers, children can develop favorably in their respective areas of life. For this reason I decided to start and create a business that allows families to learn the importance of child development. I am also the director of the nursery called "My Little Treasures".

I invite readers to reinvent themselves towards an extraordinary future through Psychotherapy, since it provides tools that benefit the physical, mental and emotional health of both the patient and her family and social context. Be part of a new version of yourself.

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