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They form the New Organization of Mexicana Universal in BC

The Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) announced that Baja California will have its own platform of Mexicana Universal to organize state beauty pageants, in which new guidelines will be applied.

At a press conference, Juan Coronado Ruiz, director of Cotuco, expressed his satisfaction for supporting this Mexicana Universal project in Baja California, where the work team has already been formed.

“We are happy to receive this great event, which represents the beauty of Baja California, as well as the theme of tourist activity that is reflected, and that today they announce a great project that will put us at the level of the great beauty pageants. , showing the benefits we have in this great mega-region”, he pointed out.

In this regard, Krystel Aguayo González, state director of Mexicana Universal Baja California, mentioned that it is a platform that will promote regional talent to represent the state within the Mexicana Universal contest, at the national level.

“It is an honor to be the voice that introduces a new organization with great talent, great determination, so it is a pleasure to be Mexicana Universal Baja California 2021, and today as director we are pleased to present our team”, she explained.

Belén Acevedo who was also a Universal Mexican in 2017 representing Baja California, she said, she will support the stage projection and catwalk; Lic. Leonardo Piñón will be in charge of the planning and social development of the representative in the contest.

"We know that beauty pageants have evolved and over the years one of the areas that we seek to enhance is the support for charitable activities and highlight tourism in the state," said Krystel Aguayo.

Also, Joaquín Meza, serves as image director and professional makeup artist, who has extensive experience in national and international competitions; Cristhian Velázquez is in charge of the photography and digital production area; while Lic. Martha Ugalde will be in charge of the mental health of the participants.

The main mission of the platform, assured Krystel Aguayo, is to promote the talent of the state representative, to whom she must provide the necessary tools for her development in the social, cultural and personal spheres.

As part of the changes that took place to compete, he added, there is the fact that the maximum age is 27 years; be studying a bachelor's degree or have already completed it, and now married women or women who have been mothers can participate.

"In this way we will become the best platform for beauty pageants in Baja California and at the national level, for which we thank our sponsors, allies and our national director Lupita Jones, for trusting in this project."

Finally, she reported that the casting to receive the contestants has already taken place in Tijuana, while on October 8 it will take place at the Lucerna Hotel in Ensenada, and on the 15th of the same month, at the Lucerna Hotel in Mexicali. The bases can be consulted on its official page and social networks of Mexicana Universal BC.

Also present at the conference were Lic. Estefany García, director of ECE LA REVISTA and Lic. Osiris Vargas, representative of BAJAROUND TOURS.

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