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They seek to promote wellness tourism in a national congress

The Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) announced the participation of this border city in the WTTS National Tourism Congress "World Tourism Trends Summit", which will take place on the Island of Cozumel, from the 24th to the 26th of August, in order to promote wellness tourism and the value chain.

At a press conference, Dr. Karim Chalita Rodríguez, Secretary of Cotuco, highlighted the relevance of this national congress, which will be held at the Cozumel Convention Center, where one of the main focuses will be the promotion of the digitization of tourism.

"The offer is very good, there has not been a congress focused on technology for the sector and, above all, that they come from the other end of the country to invite us, which is very good, because it is time to unite and start thinking as a country if we want to strengthen Mexico as a tourist destination," he emphasized.

In this regard, Margarita Carbajal Carmona, National President of the Federation of Tourism Entrepreneurs (FETUR), said that the WTTS comes to put in the first place the use of technology focused on the tourism sector.

The goal, she said, is to streamline the resources available for promotion, advertising, and the administrative processes of companies.

"We are living in a digital era in which the tourist is the center of everything and the digital part forms a culture in their decision-making, for which FETUR, in coordination with the three levels of government, businessmen and academia, are organizing our first national congress," he said.

The leader stressed that the purpose is to make the tourism business community aware of the importance and need for digital transformation, especially after the pandemic that paralyzed and affected the tourism sector more than other industries.

For this, she explained, there will be the presence of important specialists who have developed methodologies and technology that can help accelerate the economic recovery of tourism in Mexico.

"During three days, 17 high-level conferences will be held with the participation of Gabriel Richaud from IAB Mexico, Paula Cuttili from Soulnet, Claudio Acosta from Meta Ads, among others," she explained.

Among the themes of the event, she noted, tourism marketing, digital strategies, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, commercial intelligence will be addressed; a panel of tourism secretaries on "Digital Technologies", in addition to a commercial area, networking and post-tours within Cozumel.

Margarita Carbajal stressed that the generation of an spill of 8 million pesos is estimated during this congress, in which an influx of 500 attendees is expected.

It is worth mentioning that during the press conference the signing of an agreement between FETUR Nacional and the New City Medical Plaza Quartz Hotel & Spa was also carried out.

In that sense, José Antonio Rico, General Director of Quartz Hotel & SPA, said that the purpose is to promote and promote the wellness tourism sector in Tijuana, as a new way of traveling.

"It is a sector that is committed to a healthy and relaxing life, an experience that mixes knowing new destinations, but also living a physical, mental and spiritual healing," he said.

Finally, it is expected that by 2022 wellness tourism will have a growth of 7.5%, since a wellness tourist spends an average of 53% more than another type of traveler, which is an opportunity for Tijuana to become a pole of this type of tourism. sightseeing.

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