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They will exalt traditional Mexican cuisine during the "Festival of Chile en Nogada"

The Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) announced the realization of one of the most traditional events in the city for more than a decade: the "Festival of Chile en Nogada", which will take place on Sunday September 4 on the esplanade of the Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut).

At a press conference, Mr. Arturo Gutiérrez Sánchez, president of Cotuco, stressed that this event is a source of pride for Tijuana, which has been going on for more than 10 years and that it contributes to projecting the image of the city.

"It is a way to promote the gastronomic diversity of Mexico, since in Tijuana all the kitchens of the country converge, so we are pleased to join in promoting the Festival and we wish them much success," he said.

For his part, Chef José Sparza, founder of the Chile en Nogada Contest, commented that this year the event can be held abroad, taking into account the biosecurity measures required by the authority, since the previous edition was indoors. of the 100 Years Restaurant, with a limited quota due to the pandemic.

“The objective is to promote the gastronomy of the region, highlighting in particular the season of Chile en Nogada and honoring the most complex dish with the greatest history of traditional Mexican cuisine, since it is a dish that not everyone makes and that I have a lot of respect for him," he said.

Chef Sparza explained that the contest has had a very good response, since at the moment there are already 14 registered, who will compete in a preliminary phase on August 3 and 4.

“The aim is to find the best recipe, regardless of who prepares it, so it is aimed at chefs, not at institutions or companies, and the invitation is open to the general public, even, we have already had an architect as winner, to a student, a housewife”, he noted.

The final of the contest, he specified, will be held on September 4 at the Cecut with 10 finalists, of which the first three places will be awarded.

And it is that Chile en Nogada, he said, is a very complex dish whose season began in Tijuana 27 years ago at Restaurant 100 Years, and which is currently offered by various establishments to delight palates and attract tourism from the other side of the border. .

To conclude, Chef José Sparza indicated that the "Festival of Chile en Nogada" will take place on the esplanade of Cecut, next Sunday, September 4. For more information about the contest you can call 664-634-3039 and 664-364-7262.

Also present at the conference were Martha Domínguez Uscanga, president of the Northwest Hotel Association and contest judge; Lucía López, gastronomic promoter; and Ricardo Mange, contestant.

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