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Tijuana leader in concepts of gastronomic parks

Tijuana's gastronomic industry maintains its leadership in the country, thanks to the innovation and creativity of its exponents, who have stood out for betting on concepts that are out of the ordinary, such as gastronomic parks.

In an interview with Juan José Plascencia Huerta, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) in Tijuana, he indicated that for a few years the issue of gastronomic parks or food gardens has gained momentum.

“These types of concepts are open to everyone, even if a restaurateur wants to open a small business in a gastropark, they have the opportunity to do so, since they are spaces that are an alternative for those who do not have as much time to eat, but who are looking for good food," he noted.

The idea of ​​gastronomic parks, he explained, arose in Europe, in countries like Spain and France, where they began as small markets that offered local, artisanal products, as well as prepared food that was distinguished by its quality.

"This model migrated to Mexico and now they are establishments that offer a wide gastronomic variety, so we as a chamber are open to supporting them, because they continue to have significant demand," he said.

And it is that these types of establishments continue to open in various areas of the city, as is the case of Gastro 17, located in the heart of the Zona Río de Tijuana, where TKRBN Express recently opened its doors, a business specializing in tacos, but with a different touch to the traditional.

"We see it as very positive that businesses continue to open in the industry, because they are young and very talented chefs who have creative ideas to offer to the diner, which in turn projects us as the gastronomic capital of the country," Plascencia Huerta stressed.

Finally, the importance of investments continuing in the city, he said, is due to the fact that for each establishment that opens, at least two direct jobs are generated, with a greater impact on the entire value chain, since suppliers, carriers, and other services.

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