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“Tijuana Tourism Expo and the Mega Region”

The Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) announced the holding of one of the most important promotional events, the "Tijuana Tourism Expo and the Mega Region", with the purpose of promoting the tourist offer that is available. in this bi-national zone, which will take place on September 3 on Revolution Avenue.

At a press conference, Arturo Gutiérrez Sánchez, president of Cotuco, indicated that this event takes place within the framework of World Tourism Day, for which reason, together with the Mexican Association of Travel Agents (AMAV) in Baja California, organized this activity.

This is the seventh edition of the Expo, noted the leader, which has become emblematic for the city and whose objective is to attract more tourism, promoting the tourist, cultural, sports, adventure and real estate, gastronomic and Health and Wellness, as well as the services of travel agencies and tour operators, this for locals, tourists and visitors, being an event by and for the city.

“It is an event of great importance, since the purpose is to detonate tourist activity, trying to reach the numbers we had in 2019, so with this type of strategy, together with the value chain and authorities, we will be able to meet with the objectives set," he said.

Through the "Expo Turismo Tijuana and the Mega Region", argued Gutiérrez Sánchez, it seeks to show that tourism is a priority sector in the economy, which fosters an exchange of experiences and impacts not only those involved in tourist activity, but to other sectors, being a generator of foreign exchange, and, therefore, of development and well-being.

He said that this event, led by Tijuana, will include the participation of other municipalities such as Mexicali, Tecate, Ensenada, Rosarito, San Felipe, San Quintín, as well as the neighboring county of San Diego.

He stressed that the "Tijuana Tourism Expo and the Mega Region" will be held on Avenida Revolución, between Calle 4ta. and Calle 7ma., where local talent will also be promoted and integrated into the artistic program, there will be raffles and children's activities.

Likewise, added the leader, visitors will be able to enjoy food tastings, craft beer and wines from the region, with free access; meanwhile, an influx of more than 6 thousand people is expected.

For his part, Raúl Islas Tovar, president of AMAV, a subsidiary of Baja California, stressed that as an association, they contribute their grain of sand to detonate tourist activity in the state, for which the event has been promoted through its platforms through Nacional level.

“We are positioned in a strategic place, we are the most visited border in the world, with very important benefits such as the Wine Route, the gastronomic industry, medical tourism, among others, which creates a highly relevant value chain for many other sectors," he said.

To culminate, the organizers extended the invitation to attend the 7th. “Tijuana Tourism Expo and the Mega Region” will take place on September 3, on Avenida Revolución, from 11 in the morning to 8 at night.

At the conference were: Carlos Valenzuela Dávalos, metropolitan delegate, from the State Tourism Secretariat, Leonardo Hernández García, Economic Planning Coordinator, from the Tijuana Economic Development Secretariat, Arturo Cardoso Morales, representing the President of the Commission of Economic Development and Border Affairs and Adriana Zepeda, director of the Rosarito Convention and Tourism Committee,

Arturo Loaiza, President of the Association of Carriers and Tour Operators of Baja California, among other authorities.

There was also the presence of Martha Domínguez, president of the Northwest Hotel Association; Juan José Plascencia, president of Canirac Tijuana; José Avelar Ruíz, Vice President of Tourism of Canaco-Servytur Tijuana; Carlos Robles Lliteras, president of the Revolution Avenue Merchants Association, among other organizations and members of the value chain.

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