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Tourist activity in Tijuana is reactivated

After regretting the events recorded last Friday, the Tijuana Tourism and Convention Committee reported that tourist activity in the city has already been reactivated, so the different tourist sites are already operating normally.

"Although for the reasons indicated, the different tourist businesses had to close an hour before their normal hours, it is worth mentioning that the sector is already reactivating, which gives us great pleasure," said the President of Cotuco Tijuana, Lic. Arturo Gutierrez Sanchez.

In this sense, he pointed out that restaurants, parks, markets, shopping malls and other tourist sites are already open for the enjoyment of tourists and visitors; in addition to the fact that the checkpoints remained open, while the Tijuana Airport was operating smoothly and the service at the Central Trucking Station was intermittent, but has already been restored.

He highlighted the fact that the United States alert was withdrawn, which is a good sign, which helps and motivates tourism from the neighboring country and other regions of Mexico to visit us.

He announced that last weekend there were some events in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, so that by Friday the hotel occupancy was almost between 90 and 100%, but after these events it began to decrease, according to reports. of the Northwest Hotel Association.

Regarding restaurants, the president of Cotuco Tijuana, made it known that by Saturday 90% percent of these were already operating.

Even when the different tourist sectors have already been activated, he specified that there was a significant impact in terms of the influx of tourists due to these events.

On the other hand, he stressed that the authorities of the 3 levels of government are already addressing this situation, but in order to overcome what happened, both authorities and society must work on a single front.

“The Tijuana Tourism and Conventions Committee, as part of the Business Coordinating Council, has been in contact with municipal and state authorities, and of course, with the value chain; There is no other thing than to continue uniting, today more than ever we must strengthen promotion, so we will be asking the state government for a campaign to reverse this situation, ”he said.

Gutiérrez Sánchez emphasized that the Tourism and Conventions Committee will continue to redouble Tijuana promotion actions both nationally and in the United States. For now, a destination presentation is already scheduled in Mexico City and the Expo Turismo Tijuana and the Mega Region, where it will promote the tourist offer of this city, Baja California and the binational region.

Likewise, he considered it essential to continue promoting the professionalization of the service and to continue offering that warmth that characterizes us, so that tourists and visitors feel comfortable in our destination and in that sense they can continue recommending us.

"In Tijuana we always go forward, we have come out of difficult circumstances, and this case will not be the exception, we are completely sure, in the tourism sector we are already working on it," he concluded.

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