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The resource to encourage youth to undertake is 21 thousand pesos

In order to encourage young people who want to start a business and support them with capital, the State Youth Institute (JuventudBC) invites those interested to participate in the “Yo Emprendo” program to launch their projects with the support of up to 21 thousand pesos.

The director of Youth BC, Rigoberto Salcedo Boyd, explained that it is a priority and a commitment on the part of Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda to promote the economic development of young people in Baja California, through the generation of new opportunities for self-employment, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurial and business projects.

The amount provided can be used for the purchase of products, raw materials, inventory, furniture, equipment and it is not necessary for them to have an established location, since they can start with their point of sale from their home.

For his part, the delegate of JuventudBC in Ensenada, Josué Miguel Veliz Gómez, added that this program aimed at young people aged 18 to 29, seeks to develop positive attitudes about the importance of the concept of entrepreneurship and the ability to take on challenges.

Those interested in participating must make an appointment via whatsapp to the number 646 383 56 38 to be interviewed at the BC Youth office in the State Government building on the third floor.

The requirements that will be requested are the unique format, official identification, proof of address, original quotes, proof of the supplier's fiscal situation, application for participation in the program, CURP, maximum 2-minute video where the business project is presented.

You are also asked for a printed front and bare face photograph of the interested young person, a canvas model and a photo of the service or product (if you have one).

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